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Samir Geagea Meets LF France
Recently Samir Geagea met with Lebanese Forces memebers in France. Click here to download a video from the meeting.
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Blast Kills Anti-Syria Journalist in Ashrafiyeh
An Nahar's Columnist Samir Kassir, long a daring critic of Syria, was assassinated in a booby-trapped car explosion in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh residential district Thursday. He was 45.
Media reports said Kassir, who has just turned 45, climbed into his Alfa Romeo private car that was parked near Ashrafiyeh's ABC shopping mall shortly before midday and turned on the ignition, touching off the fiery explosion. Death was instantaneous, police said.

Kassir's body was gutted and partly torn to pieces as a ball of flame engulfed the car. Fire engines and Red Cross activists raced with sirens wailing to the scene along with An Nahar's General Manager Gebran Tueni, who has been elected to Lebanon's new parliament in Sunday's elections.

Premier Mikati later sped from the Grand Serail to the scene of the tragedy and looked at Kassir's body as Red Cross paramedics were extracting the corpse from the smoldering wreckage. Riot police were having difficulty to turn back onlookers.

Initial reports said Kassir's wife, renowned interviewer Giselle Khoury of Al Arabia satellite network was with him when the car exploded. But it was later established that the reports were untrue and that his wife was out of Lebanon.

Kassir, who had an eloquent way with words that made him one of the widest-read writers in Lebanon, authored countless fiery editorials against Syria's tutelage over Lebanon during his lifetime. He felt particularly happy when Syria was forced to evacuate Lebanon last April.

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Restoration of Sheikh Pierre Statue
Today the great statue of the great Sheikh Pierre was restored in Bikfaya... majestic as always. Even years after his death, Sheikh PIerre's remembrance managed to unite Christian ranks coming from all regions, majority of whom were Lebanese Forces members who came in masses and surpassed the numbers of Kataeb supporters.

Sheikh pierre's comrade, Antoine Ghanem praised during his speech all our martyrs from the first martyr of the Lebanese Front, Joseph Abi Assi, to William Hawi, Sheikh Bashir Gemayel, Maya Bashir Gemayel and all the way till Ramzi Irani and Pierre Boulos. He praised also the resistance of Dr. Geagea and called for his release which made the crowd gathered clap and yell heavily. Lebanon needs more than ever great men like Sheikh Pierre, President Chamoun, El Bash and Hakim... men devoted to their Cause and their people.

Pictures of the event available here.

Pictures and Post by 3agib.

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Al Massira Updated

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Lebanese Forces - Dekwaneh
The LF in Dekwaneh have recently started an LF propaganda campaign in their area. They are putting up posters, banners and flags all over Dekwaneh to show people that we are still here. They will continue with this propaganda campaign until our leader Samir Geagea gets released. Bob sent us pictures which you can view here.

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LF Mass in Kuwait
An LF mass was held in Kuwait tonight in which many LF members residing in Kuwait attended. The mass titled Natreenak or Waiting for you in english was held in the name of Samir Geagea. Numerous media covered the event including LBC, TeleLumiere, An Nahar, Reuters and Al Seyaseh newspaper. The pictures of the event are now online. Click here to view them.

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Sitrida Gets Assurances Samir Will Be Freed Before Elections
Sitrida Geagea says she has been assured by a cross-section of Lebanon's opposition that parliament is certain to hold a legislative session before the May-June elections to endorse the release of her husband Samir Geagea from 11 years in prison at the Defense Ministry in Yarze.

"In spite of what has happened in Parliament, I have received telephone assurances from many legislators, opposition and otherwise, that a special session will be held before the elections to pass the parole bill," Mrs. Geagea said in an interview aired by LBCI Saturday night.

Opposition legislators came close to trading blows with supporters of Speaker Berri for adjourning Saturday's session of parliament without allowing a vote on the parole bill for the Lebanese Force commander.

Berri's bloc members have declared after the stormy session that the Speaker was willing to call a legislative session even on the last day of the current parliament's mandate on May 31 devoted to only to vote on Geagea's parole bill, making it plain that the session was torpedoed by Berri to avoid a vote on a new electoral law, not on Geagea's release bill.

An Nahar noted on Sunday that Saad Rafik Hariri has pledged his father's bloc in parliament to campaign non-stop for a 'free-Geagea' session of parliament along with Druze leader Walid Jumblat's parliamentary bloc.

Jumblat plans to undertake soon a new initiative with ex-Premier Omar Karami to talk him into dropping the Karami family veto against Geagea's release because of the LF leader's alleged role in that 1987 assassination of then Lebanese premier Rashid Karami, Omar's elder brother, An Nahar said.

"Jumblat will try to persuade Omar Karami to fold the last page of the past and kick off a genuine national reconciliation in Lebanon through Geagea's parole bill," An Nahar said.

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Stormy Parliament Demands Lahoud be Sacked and Brought to Trial
Parliament failed in a stormy session Saturday to write a new law to govern the May-June elections and to vote on a draft bill to amnesty Lebanese Forces Commander Samir Geagea.

The session was called by Speaker Berri to act on an 11th hour letter from President Lahoud to hold the elections based on a law 'acceptable to all.'

The parliament near unanimously rejected Lahoud's message and held him directly responsible for sabotaging the promulgation of a new law in time for fair elections for the first legislature that would be free of Syrian control.

Many lawmakers demanded that Lahoud be impeached outright. Druze leader Walid Jumblat, spearhead of the opposition drive to oust Syria, said "there is an imperative need to oust the president and the election by parliament of a new head of state to steer Lebanon out of its current crisis."

Even one of the staunchest loyalists of Syria, former Vice Speaker Elie Firizly, shouted during the debate that a committee representing all blocs in parliament should go to the Baabda Palace and demand from the president to resign.

Several members of Hariri's bloc in parliament were also exceptionally outspoken in favor of dethroning Lahoud, demanding that he be tried before the nation's Higher Constitutional Council for lurching Lebanon from one crisis into another.

As the debate was about to draw to a close, a shouting match broke out between opposition legislator Fares Boueiz and Berri's supporters in parliament.

Local TV stations said the quarrel was about to develop into a fist fight when Berri suddenly gaveled an indefinite adjournment, blocking a vote on Geagea's parole and the promulgation of a new electoral law.

Opposition legislators then announced that they were staging an open-ended sit-in at parliament hall demanding that Berri returns to begin a new session devoted for paroling Geagea.

The termination of the session meant the elections would be held under the existing law which was drawn up in 2000 under Syria's tutelage.

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Bomb Blast Sets much of Jounieh Afire
A powerful bomb explosion wrecked a church and set a radio station building afire in the coastal town of Jounieh north of Beirut Friday night and local TV stations said a Sri Lankan woman was killed and 6 other people were injured, including 3 Egyptian workers. Army troops sealed off the blast scene as fire engines doused several burning shops from water hoses and ambulances with waling sirens evacuated the casualties to nearby hospitals.

The explosion occurred at the entrance of the town's old souk where Gen. Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement has a bureau. The general is scheduled to return to Lebanon from 14 years in exile in France on Saturday.

One target of the blast was the headquarters of the Voice of Love Christian radio station which devoted its daylong news casts Friday to talk shows about the plight of Lebanese prisoners held in Syrian jails. Near the radio station was Saint John church which sustained extensive damage.

President Lahoud issued a late night statement deploring the "bloody message" and asserting the Lebanese will remain united against acts of terrorism.

Interior Minister Hassan al-Sabaa raced to Jounieh from Beirut and took charge of military and police investigation.

click here to view pictures

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Geagea's Parole Saturday?
Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir warned the opposition Friday that it could lose the May-June elections to Syria's loyalists unless an amicable agreement is reached nationwide on splitting the portions of seats of each group in the new parliament.

"The opposition has to work out a sharing formula without which it stands to loose the elections," Sfeir warned at a meeting with leading figures of the Qornet Shahwan coalition held at his seat in Bkirki marking its anniversary.

Butros Harb, a senior leader of Qornet Shahwan, said after the patriarchal audience that the coalition would press for a vote in Parliament Saturday on a new electoral law based on that of 1960 and a parole vote for jailed Lebanese Forces commander Samir Geagea.

Harb appealed to the family of slain former Prime Minister Rashid Karami not to veto Geagea's release because he was convicted by a supreme court of assassinating Karami in 1987 at the height of the Lebanese civil war.

Qornet Shahwan is sending a delegation to follow up on Harb's plea with ex-Premier Omar Karami in Tripoli on Friday. Rashid was Omar's elder brother. The Tripoli trip was proposed to Qornet Shahwan by Speaker Berri, indicating he would allow a parole vote if the Karami family drops its veto.

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